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instagram - @horrorlortattoo

email -

get to know Loren:

zodiac sign - leo sun, pisces moon, gemini rising.

favorite colors - orange, black, seafoam green, maroon.

favorite holiday - halloween, always.

tattoo inspiration - my mentors, horror, halloween, haunted houses, Angelo Parente.

favorite things - Halloweentown, Lizzie McGuire, vintage halloween, Silverstein, decaying buildings, traveling, sushi, photography, paranormal investigating, Cody, harry potter, cemeteries, lemon, giant hoodies. 


things i'd love to tattoo:


pumpkins, lizzie mcguire, traditional pieces, horror movie art, ghosts, fruit, sparkly tattoos, art inspired by bands.

message me on instagram with any idea you have <3

need numbing cream or aftercare?

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